Mr. Auniruddho Piaal
Managing Director

Mr. Auniruddho Piaal is the Head of all kind of operations at Ring Shine Textiles Ltd. Mr. Auniruddho has 9 years of experience in Textiles, legal services & company matters. Mr. Auniruddho has expertise in Bank and Financial Institution laws, Company and Commercial Matters, Security Exchange Commission and Stock Exchange Laws, Property & Land Law, Foreign Exchange laws, Cross-border transactions, IP Laws, Arbitration and Mediation matters, etc.

Before joining Ring Shine Textiles Ltd. Mr. Auniruddho worked as Adviser (Head of Legal Affairs and Recovery) at Minister-MyOne Group. Mr. Auniruddho also led Chowdhury Garments Ltd.  as CEO. Mr. Auniruddho completed his bachelor degree in Law from United Kingdom. He has completed his LLM from Bangladesh University of Professionals with remarkable marks. Mr. Auniruddho is an accredited commercial mediator

Ms. Sung Wen Li Angela
Additional Managing Director

Ms. Sung Wen Li Angela is an Indonesian national. After completion of Graduation she has been working in Ring Shine Textiles Limited for many years. During the period, she gained business techniques in Yarn Dyeing, Spinning & Garments.

Mr. Sung Wey Min
Chief Operating Officer

Sung Wey Min is a visionary entrepreneur investor and philanthropist. He is vastly experienced in the textile and dying sector. He is an Indonesian national with dynamic leadership quality. Under the leadership of Sung Wey Min, Ring Shine Textiles Limited enjoyed huge business growth. Mr. Min’s innovative business idea and ability to respond promptly to the con- temporary changes in modern era’s fashion and tastes are the keys to the success of Ring Shine Textiles Limited. He is energetic and dynamic.

Md. Faruk Hossain
Director Marketing

Mr.Md. Moshihor Rahman, FCS
Company Secretary & Sr. GM

Md. Mehedi Al Amin

Md. Mahbubur Rahman
Head of Costing

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